New Book About The Life Of Manse Jolly!

Historical Fiction, highly recommended!

MANSE: One Man's War

MANSE: One Man's War

By Wilton Earle

ISBN: 0-9632422-2-9. Hardcover: 6"x9" 416 pages. From the publishers website:

“A biography based on the life and legend of Manson Sherrill Jolly who served as a Confederate Cavalry scout in the Carolinas and Virginia during the Civil War. But is was not until The War ended and Manse returned to his farm in the Anderson District of South Carolina that he became famous as a Confederate Hero — and infamous as an Outlaw.”

A controversial contradiction:

Manse Jolly:
Avenging Angel of a lost cause.
Bearer of the Banner of Southern Honor

Manse Jolly:
Deranged Renegade. Unrelenting Killer of Union Soldiers — after The War was over.

“MANSE brings to life a complex man, and evokes the years of turmoil called Reconstruction, when the South was occupied by the U.S. Army. It is a sincere attempt to understand the Southern angst that gave birth to Secession, matured on the bloody battled fields of a nation divided against itself, and persists to this day, in the hearts and minds of many.”

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