Dedication Of The Stones

The following article was written by Stella Morgan for the dedication of the new headstones for Hardy and Sallie Sanders. (info and photos)

Dedication of the stones

In Genesis, we find Laban promised Jacob his two daughters a herd of goats and sheep for many years of labor. Like many people today, Laban kept changing his mind — the debt changed ten times. Jacob got tired of this, took Laban's two daughters and the herd of animals and left. When Laban found out they were gone, he followed them. After he caught up with him, he asked Jacob for reconciliation. Jacob and his family all agreed. They gathered stones together and built a pillar of stones and called it Mizpah, which means "watchtower". Then Laban said, "Let us build a watchtower to watch over us while we are absent one from another."

Some similarity in this story and ours, except ours is all love and unity. One year ago, I asked for help to buy new stones for Hardy and Sally, and his parents, Jesse and Sally. In three months the stones were put down and paid for. We came together and the Lord has blessed us all. Thanks be to God! He helped us build a watchtower that will always remind us of our ancestors; and like Laban, we pray that the Lord will watch over us while we are absent one from another.

Stella Mae Morgan

Note: the original headstones that were vandalized in the early 1970's were found and returned in 2006. (article and photos)