Photo of the newly returned grave stones.

They Are Home To Stay!

by Stella Mae Morgan

About 8 miles east of Biscoe on Hwy 24/27 one will see a road which turns left - Etta Belle Rd. Nestled at the end of this road is the home-place of Hardy and Sally Sanders. Hardy was a mason, preacher, and farmer. When they both died about 1895 they were buried on their property. Time has changed the appearance of the land. The house was moved but the descendants have not forgotten their rich heritage. The graves now sit in a pasture kept in order by the current owner, William Brewer, who is a also a descendant of Sally and Hardy.

A number of years ago, probably in the early 1970's, the gravestones of Hardy and Sally were vandalized and the tops were broken off. Some time later the tops were removed and disappeared. The whereabouts of the gravestones has been a mystery until recently.
The Sanders Family website (www.sandersweb.net) has a page showing the gravesite with some photos of the new headstones that were placed on the site in 2004. Early this year the webmaster of the family web-site was contacted by two persons who had discovered location of the missing headstones! They had discovered the broken headstones in a garage that was part of an estate sale. The facts surrounding the missing headstones are sketchy but it seems that a family member saw the vandalized stones and took them home with the intention of returning to the gravesite and making repairs. They eventually were forgotten and covered in a garage. The owners of the garage are deceased and one could only say that their discovery and return to the original site is nothing short of a miracle!

Now after all this time they are home to stay - God works in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform!  

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