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Dally Classic Books is a company dedicated to making available to the public significant, rare and historical books which are out of print or only a few ever printed.
" A Maid Of The Foot Hills" is one of these books. This is a story of the years following the end of the Civil War. Based in the South Carolina's piedmont section, this book brings to light the struggles these people had to endure. This is not about who won or lost the Civil War but what the South had to overcome after the war ended.

The decision to reproduce this book, word for word, exactly as it was written in 1905 was an easy one for me. Over the last twenty years I have seen history re-written, changed, facts altered or completely left out. Call it what ever you may - I think this is a deliberate attempt by a few to alter history because things did not happen the way they think they should have.

Richard Dally Bates.

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* The website was at http://www.dcsfla.com/dally/dally.html but the link is now dead.