One and Two Volume Commentaries

# Name Publisher Editor Rec. Date Note
1 Wycliffe Bible Commentary Moody Charles F. Pfeiffer, et. al. 1990
2 Interpreter's One Volume Bible Commentary Abingdon Charles M. Laymon 1971
3 IVP Bible Backgound Commentary (2 vols.) InterVarsity Press Craig S. Keener (NT) and John H. Walton, et al (OT) 2000
4 Holman Concise Bible Commentary Holman David Dockery 1998
5 New Interpreter's Bible One-Volume Commentary Abingdon David L. Petersen 2010
6 Nelson's New Illustrated Bible Commentary Nelson Earl Radmacher, et. al. 1999
7 KJV Bible Commentary Thomas Nelson Edward G. Dobson, et al. 2005
8 Zondervan Bible Commentary Zondervan F.F. Bruce * 2009 was New International Bible Commentary
9 Commentary on the New Testament use of the Old Testament Baker G. K. Beale and D. A. Carson 2007
10 New Bible Commentary InterVarsity Press G.J. Wenham, et. al. * 1994
11 Theological Bible Commentary Westminster John Knox Press Gail R. O'Day & David L. Petersen 2009
12 Complete Bible Commentary Kregel George Williams 2008
13 Eerdmans Commentary on the Bible Eerdmans James D.G. Dunn, et. al. 2003
14 HarperCollins Bible Commentary, Revised HarperCollins James L. Mays 2000
15 Jamieson, Fausset, and Brown Commentary Various Jamieson, et. al. 1871
16 Oxford Bible Commentary Oxford John Barton, et. al. 2001
17 NIV Compact Bible Commentary Zondervan John H. Sailhamer 1999
18 MacArthur Bible Commentary Nelson John MacArthur * 2005
19 Bible Knowledge Commentary (2 vols.) David C. Cook John Walvoord, et. al. 2002
20 Zondervan NIV Bible Commentary (2 vols.) Zondervan Kenneth L. Barker, et. al. 1999 Abridgement of the Expositor's Bible Commentary
21 Believer's Bible Commentary Nelson MacDonald, William 1995
22 The Transforming Word: A One-Volume Commentary on the Bible Abilene Christian University Press Mark Hamilton 2009
23 New Matthew Henry Commentary (Updated Language) Zondervan Martin Manser 2010
24 Matthew Henry's Commentary Various Matthew Henry 1706-1721
25 Classic Bible Commentary Crossway Owen Collins 1999
26 New Jerome Bible Commentary Prentice Hall Raymond E. Brown, et. al. 1990
27 Commentary on the New Testament Hendrickson Publishers Robert H. Gundry 2010
28 Africa Bible Commentary Zondervan Tokunboh Adeyemo * 2006
29 Baker Commentary on the Bible Baker Walter A. Elwell 2001
30 Wiersbe Bible Commentary (2 vols.) David C. Cook Warren W. Wiersbe * 2007

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