Credits And Sources

Much of the genealogy information on came from emails, posts on message forums, documents and photos provided by others. Many of the family members of the H.T. Sanders and Archie F. Davis families also provided us with numerous documents and photos. Our profound thanks to all of the family members and genealogy researchers that have made this website possible.

We have attempted to cite all of the sources but may have missed some. If you see something on this site that is not properly credited please let us know and we will make a correction.

Following is a listing of the sources we have used:

Sanders, Crowell, & Furr Family:

Stella Mae Morgan
Wanda and Charles Dean
Gerri Ross
Cheryl Lamonds
William D. Brewer
R. S. Sanders
Melinda Brewer-Crawford
Ivan Sanders
Emily Sanders Floerchinger (
Frances Cullen Harper (
Thelma Faye Cain Prince (
Sue Ashby (
Barbara Clark Smith (Smithsonian National Museum of American History)
Lundi Martin
Jimmy Sanders (Photos)
Harris "Chip" Sanders
Charles Madison Sanders
Bishop Carl J. Sanders
Moore County Library
Moore County Historical Association
Gary B. Sanders
Carl B. Sanders
Steven James Saunders
Paul Saunders
Morgan Jackson
Mable (Saunders) Lassiter
Edith Best
Ardena Sanders Lewis
Rob Crowell
Robert Carol Furr
Mildred Sanders
Brenda Williams
John Konvalinka
Crystal Dawn Eaton Cooper

Davis and Jolly Family:

Steve Davis
Carolyn Cathcart
Foster M. Davis
James P. Davis
Nancy Davis
Christine Davis
Virginia Hale
Moore County Library
Moore County Historical Association
Mable (Saunders) Lassiter
Morgan Jackson
Michael King
Vickie Gable
Wilton Earle
Colleen Jolly

Books, Magazines, Newspaper Articles:

Our Sourthern Ancestors by Thelma Faye Cain Prince (UNC Collections Library)
Historical Southern Families Vol. VI, by John Bennett Boddie, chapter 'Sanders of Nansemond'.
The Library of Congress: A Guide to Historical & Genealogical Resources, James C. Neagles
A Sketch of the History Chronicles and Records of Bensalem Church from Its Organizing, Moore County Library, Carthage, NC
Miscellaneous Ancient Records of Moore County, NC by Rassie Wicker
Our Story, A Short History of the Furr Family in America by Robert Carol Furr
History Of Hart County Georgia, John William Baker
First Georgia Settlers, George R. Gilmer
A Guide To Moore County Cemetaries,
The War Of The Rebellion — Official Records Of The Union And Confederate Armies
South Carolina — A Guide To The Palmetto State, by Bernet P. Maybank
Traditions And History Of Anderson County, Louise Vandiver
Colonial Homes in North Carolina, published by: The Colonial Records Project, editor Jan-Michael Poff
A Ridiculously Short History of Scotland: From the Beginning of Time until the End of the SCA Period, Mary Elizabeth Eyer
THE PILOT (Moore County Newspaper)
The Moore County News, Carthage, NC
Sanders Siftings Newsletter
Rock Hill Herald (SC)
Dallas Morning News
Anderson Independent Newspaper
Anderson Daily Mail
Milam County Texas Cameron Herald
Greensboro Daily News